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Strength & Conditioning for Rugby Performance

In the last decade, the changes in rugby have been dramatic and far reaching, with the game essentially moving towards being a collision rather than a contact sport. All players are now stronger, more powerful, fitter and faster than they ever have been to meet the demands of the sport and perform at as high a level as possible.

The role of strength and conditioning within a player’s training and preparation is critical within the pre and post season phases but also within the season itself. Also, rehabilitation from injuries that occur play an equally vital role within the modern player’s itinerary.

At Lync Rugby, we are ideally placed to cater for the needs of the aspiring rugby player. We have our own superb team of in house strength and conditioning experts who will individually produce programs for each of our clients on a one to one basis. This will enable the player to develop to their full potential, with nothing left to chance.

Preparation is key in modern day rugby and by choosing Lync Rugby you can guarantee that your physical preparation will be the best it can be.

Lync Rugby offers a wide range of strength and conditioning sessions. Sessions can be general, working on

overall strength & conditioning or they can be broken down into more specific areas which can be postion

focused or just  help to improve a particular part of your rugby game.

BEginners strength & conditioning

(building fitness / weight loss / key core skills / compound movements)

strength training

(muscle gain & endurance)

cardiovascular fitness

(Sport specific endurance)



  • S & C Session

    1 hour specialised rugby specific strength and conditioning
    • 6 S & C Sessions

      SAVE £25
      • 6 1hr Rugby Specific Strength & Conditioning Sessions
      • Fitness Test
      • Home Plan
      • Text Support
      • Email Support

    “I don’t believe in magic. I believe in hard work.” 

    — Richie McCaw, Former New Zealand Professional

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